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From Sukhothai to Brussels: A Story about Thai food and culture

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Established in 1976 in the heart of today's Brussels European Quarters, our restaurant was set to build a long-lasting story in traditional Thai culinary. There is no coincidence in setting Sukhothai as the name which would become the oldest Thai restaurant in Brussels. The capital of the ancient Sukhothai kingdom carries still today vast amount of culture that are traceable in food recipes and authentic taste.

'Sukhothai', meaning the Dawn of Happiness

Sukhothai is to modern Thailand what Rome is to Italy, or Athens to Greece: starting point, golden age, departed glory. It was the first independent Thai state. It gave its name to one of Thailand's most fertile styles of Buddhist art, credited with introducing the "walking Buddha" to the world. Its "sangkhalok" pottery has turned up in places as far flung as the Phillippines. Its ruins constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site, placing it on par with the Acropolis and Angkor Wat. "If we had no Sukhothai, Ayudhya, and Bangkok," said the present King of Thailand, "Thailand itself would be devoid of meaning."

Sukhothai hospitality is known not only of Thai culture but also of central Thailand cuisine specificities, moderate spicy, rich of flavors and popular twist on noodles called kuay tiao sukhothai, which combines in one noodles, beans, peanuts and lime juice and is something you will see all over the city. However, second dish not to miss is also noodles, namely the local version of the famous pad thai. The closest you can get to local pad thai, is simply few clicks away if you at our Sukhothai online platform or in the nearby restaurant that cannot be missed and named after this magic place - Etterbeek, Brussels.

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