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Sukhothai's Secret Sauce: Authentic Thai food directly from Thailand

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

What we call a secret is actually 'no secret' to anyone who has visited Sukhothai. First of all, we manage to keep outstanding professionals that carry in their hearts the passion and culture about Thai cuisine. Next to our Thai chefs, we receive regular deliveries from Thailand of ingredients and spices, so once you taste it, it feels like "back to Thailand"... the flower in your dish that is actually "edible" is one of our aforementioned little secrets.

You heard it well! It was said "Authentic Thai"

Juicy langoustines perfectly grilled accompanied by a refreshing Lemongrass sauce. Or a succulent Eggplant stuffed with a minced chicken and shrimp, slowly braised and served as a warm salad and not to forget the tasty duck, pan fried with fresh herbs and green pepper or the fish souffle steamed in banana leaves.

Check some photos below and pass by Sukhothai for more!

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